Paleo Diet Food Tips For Preparing Meat

Paleo Meat PreparationAs you already know, meat is a primary component for many Paleo diet food recipes. For people who love to eat meat, Paleo diet offers a win-win solution to eating healthy.

However, the thing with cooking and serving meat is that, while there are a number of great Paleo diet food recipes out that features different types of meat cooked in a variety of ways, most often than not, these are not exactly in the healthiest manners.


Just like preparing vegetables, cooking meat also need to follow certain cooking guidelines in order to ensure you will enjoy its healthy goodness and retain its valuable nutrients.

Important Meat Preparation Tip

When it comes to preparing meat, it is important to start cooking it only after it has reached room temperature in order to ensure it cooks faster and uniformly. Keep in mind that Paleo diet food recipes are generally based on meat that is of room temperature. This means, you should remove the meat from the fridge in advance and allow it to thaw ahead of time so you can cook it when it reaches room temperature.

Paleo Diet Food Tips For Meat Preparation

There are a number of ways you can enjoy Paleo meat dishes. However, if you want to preserve it healthy goodness, consider these recommended meat preparation options:


In my previous article I have discussed about preparing food ahead of time in order to make it more convenient for you to cook food while on the go.  You can roast large chunks of pork loin, rump, sirloin, beef ribs and lamb racks ahead of time, and then use the meat for different type of Paleo diet food recipes. Red meat can be served rare but chicken and pork should be cooked thoroughly.


This type of cooking calls for following the same procedure as roasting meat but the main difference is you are required to cook meat longer with an oven temperature of 300°F to 325°. This is highly ideal for cooking tougher meat cut such as lamb and pork shoulders or belly.

Pot Roasting

This type of cooking technique is also best for preparing tougher meat cuts, just like slow roasting. With pot roasting you need to brown your meat in a pot in order to seal in its juices before you pop it in the oven following the roasting procedure. Typically, pot roasting Paleo diet recipes include cooking meat in some stock.

Pan Roasting

This type of technique is quite similar as pot roasting but without the use of any stock. Typically, tender cuts are used, which will be browned in a pan first before placing it in an oven.

Stir Frying

One of the healthiest ways to prepare your Paleo diet food recipes is stir frying meat. Ideal meats to be used include chops, steaks, chicken breasts, ribs and tenderloin. When stir frying, it is important that you first heat up your pan to medium high before you throw in your meat, actively string and flipping them. For a well rounded meal, consider throwing in some vegetables.


We all have heard about how grilling can be bad for the healthy. But as we all know, grilling is one of the best and most popular methods of preparing meat. What you can do is simply grill your meat for several minutes to seal in the juices and finish it off in the oven.  Make sure not to pierce meat in order to retain its succulent juices.


If you are working with some fresh chicken or fish, you can be able to create a tasty stock that you can use as sauce to finish the dish. The important secret to poaching is sealing the lid tightly so the meat will cook evenly at a very low temperature.


This is probably one of the most common methods of preparing Paleo diet food. Stewing is actually a very great technique, especially for cooking tough meat cuts such as the shin, shoulders and beef briskets.

As discussed in my article about budget-saving tips for Paleo eaters, consider purchasing your meat in bulk to enjoy a considerable discount. You can prepare your meat beforehand, especially during weekends and have them ready for quick, fuss free Paleo diet food preparation especially during hectic weekday ahead.


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  1. Thx for sharing these tips! I am 100% Paleo for about two months now and I have a lot of delicious recipes in my arsenal and these tips make it even better!

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