Paleo Diet Review – My Personal Story

My Personal Results And Success With The Paleo Diet

Personal Paleo Diet ReviewFrom 12% body fat percentage to 7.8%! Yes. That is how much body fat I lost on the Paleo Diet in a very short time.

After many years of failing at one method and then another, my attention was drawn to the Paleo Diet. With the motivation that remained, I researched the Paleo Diet and learned what foods were allowed and how much I could eat.

Once I had gained the knowledge, I was ready to start. This diet was unlike any of the others I had attempted. Dieters are allowed to eat those foods much like the ones that our ancestors ate long before processed and junk foods were developed.

While trying to reach my body fat goal, I also learned how to eat healthy in order to lead a fulfilling life, and began gaining strength and getting fitter faster.

Wide Selection Of Foods

With the Paleo diet, the wide selection of foods that were allowed totally amazed me. I could basically eat anything and as much of it as I wanted. Being a meat lover, I ate delicious meals containing lean cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and more. After carefully trimming all visible fat from the cuts, I could prepare wonderful meals with the meats I loved. Breakfast could include eggs and bacon as well. My meals consisted of flavorful vegetable and fruits. This can help when you are seeking paleo breakfast ideas. With so many choices, I rarely ate the same thing twice in a row.

Avoiding Certain Foods

Paleo Diet RecipesAlthough I loved my junk foods at night while watching television, I never found it difficult to stop eating them. These sugary, starchy junk foods were replaced with healthy fruits and recipes for sweet treats such as Blueberry Muffles and Paleo pancakes topped with fruity pastes that were simple to make.

In search of great recipes, I was lead to many different cookbooks, created by several experts in the health and fitness industry and specializing in the Paleo Diet. Many of these cookbooks had colorful illustrations of the paleo diet recipes and that really helped in letting me know what my dish was going to look like. Looks and tastes were always appetizing and very appealing.

Certain foods to avoid are sugars, fruit juices containing sugar, sugary sodas, chips, pizza and other unhealthy choices.

Importance Of Water And Exercise In The Paleo Diet

As with all diets, drinking plenty of water and getting ample amounts of exercise are important with the Paleo diet. I always drink six to eight full glasses of water each day. Exercise was never something that I found easy to make time for although I did force myself to do it. After I lost my first couple of percentages of body fat, I felt like exercising even more because I knew it was working better than all the past programs I had used. Each day, I added a few more minutes to the length of my work-outs and runs. This helped to get my body into shape and get stronger and healthier every day. Soon my body was toned and in shape. I felt better and stronger than I had in many years. All the excess pounds of fat I was carrying around and that really took away my energy was gone!

Final Thoughts About The Paleo Diet

Even after losing all that weight and body fat to reach my ideal body fat and weight, I continue to be healthy using the Paleo Diet Plan combined with regular exercises.

I only eat the foods that have made me healthy once again. It has become the normal and easy for me. I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle that makes me energetic and full of life. This Paleo Diet is one that anybody can follow. As with all diets, a dieter should talk to their family doctor before beginning the regimen. This will ensure safety and the best results. Success is waiting for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds or take off all those pounds they have gained during the holidays.

Remember to first research the paleo diet before beginning. Take a look at a paleo food list for a better understanding. You want to know exactly what to do in order to get the fabulous results you have been looking for.

Personal Paleo Diet ReviewResults vary from one person to another because everyone’s body is different. Some may lose weight quickly and rapidly while others may not. Do not become discouraged. Remaining motivated is another influencing element that must be present for success in dieting. Without motivation, you are less likely to lose the weight that you want or need to.

Set small goals to begin and increase these goals as you reach each one. Reward yourself for goals completed with such things as a smaller size of jeans or a day at the spa.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my Paleo Diet Review!

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