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Paleo Diet Plan For AnybodyNearly sixty-three percent of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Many factors contribute to excessive weight such as sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Overweight individuals often try diet after diet in order to lose those extra pounds.

They soon come to realize that the paleo diet has rapidly grown in popularity and make the shift they feel must make.

As a result, numerous individuals have experienced tremendous success using this diet. In the following, you will find some useful information about the Paleo diet plan. Watch the video presentation I prepared on the Paleo diet plan or keep reading.

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What Is The Paleo Diet?

Healthy Paleo DietMany refer to the Paleo diet as a “caveman diet”. It has also been termed the Paleolithic diet. This great diet consists of proteins, vegetables, certain nuts, animal fats and seeds. The nice thing is that this diet itself has been found to be very beneficial and has a high rate of success for individuals wanting to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle.

This type of healthy diet mimics the eating habits of individuals many years ago before there were processed foods or junk foods available. Most of those participating in this diet find it very easy to adhere to.

By following the Paleo diet, you will find yourself losing weight, becoming fit and improving your overall health. A key factor in beginning this diet is to learn how much of each food that should be consumed.

Learning What To Eat In The Paleo Diet

When consuming the Paleo diet, you may have saturated fats in unlimited amounts. Saturated fats include butter, beef or lamb fat, avocados, duck lard, coconut oil and butter, macadamia oil and much more. These are all good choices of saturated fats that are healthy. Each day, you may eat as much of these saturated fats as you want. The paleo cookbooks can help you.

Another important part of this diet is animal protein. Some good sources of animal protein are chicken, red meats and pork. Other options include eggs, liver, animal hearts, fish and kidneys. When planning your meals, you should include animal protein into every meal throughout the day.

Fruits And Vegetables Are A HUGE Part Of The Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet Plan FruitVegetables are part of the paleo diet as well. Vegetables can be chosen fresh or frozen. Very large amounts of raw and cooked vegetables should be consumed during each day. You should also use vegetables as snacks between each meal. BUT, avoid starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes or yams.

Small amounts of fruits, seeds and nuts are included in the Paleo diet. You should avoid fruits that are acidic such as oranges. Nutrient rich fruits such as melon or berries are good choices. Each day you should include small portions of nuts or seeds in your diet. Some good choices are sunflower or pumpkin seeds and almonds or walnuts. These make great snacks between meals when you may be a bit hungry.

What To Avoid In A Paleo Diet Plan

For the best results when using the Paleo diet, you will need to avoid beans and legumes. You will lose more weight by limiting the amount of unsaturated fats consumed each day. However, you should not totally eliminate fats in the diet because as mentioned before, saturated fats are good for you as far as the Paleo diet plan is concerned.

Sugars are of no benefit in the Paleo diet. They should be eliminated. Vegetable oils and other oils that are refined should also be avoided altogether. You will also need to eliminate dairy products from your diet as well.

Additional Paleo Diet Information

The paleo food list that you choose will deliver many changes in your body, life and abilities to function. Each person’s body will adjust at its own pace to the Paleo diet. You may notice changes in your energy levels, appetite and bowel habits. Once your body adjusts to the new eating habits, you will more than likely feel better than you have in a long time. You must remain aware of the diet’s limits and allowances. Remember to stay motivated for the best results. Once individuals begin to see the results of their efforts with the Paleo diet, they become extremely motivated to continue.

 Making It Easier For You To Implement The Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet Plan Fit and Healthy

I also wrote a more concise version of the Paleo Diet Guidelines which may make it easier for you to get started.

Many individuals find that, by removing all the foods that are not allowed on the Paleo diet from their cabinets and refrigerators, they are more inclined to stay with it.

Other successful dieters suggested that before starting the Paleo diet, a person should tell all those around them about their plans and expectations of dieting. This will help in deterring others from bringing or exposing the dieter to foods they should not have. Support is often a big help in the success of dieting.

Lastly, when you are implementing something new in your life, for example, like the paleo diet, motivation will come and go. Instead of relying on motivation, put together a series of small steps forward you can take, then take action on them.

I also wrote an easy to understand post that answers the question, “What is the Paleo Diet?” if you're interested in looking that up.

A step at a time, as they say…and you will soon find yourself effortlessly running smoothly with the Paleo diet plan, and getting healthier and healthier every day.

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