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Eat And Live Healthy The Paleo Way On A Shoestring Budget

Paleo Food BudgetHello everyone! Welcome to Paleo Diet Recipes! If you have just recently stumbled upon the website, we are currently doing a series on tips and guidelines on how to ease in and transition into the Paleo lifestyle. Since we have already covered a few basics on what is the Paleo diet along with the important diet guidelines, I would like to help you take a step towards embracing this life-changing and health-enhancing diet.

Squashing A Common Misgiving

Over the years that I have been on the Paleo diet, I have reaped invaluable benefits, as I have shared in my personal journey. I would like to also help you derive the same benefits and rewards of smart and healthy eating.

Now, I was able to talk to a lot of people about the Paleo diet. Friends, friends of friends and colleagues often come up to me and ask me about the Paleo diet – what it is, what are the benefits, etc. One interesting thing I have noticed is that, while most people recognize the serious need to change their eating habits, there is one common objection or resistance to making the important change – the perceived additional expense that comes with this ‘special’ diet. But the fact is you can follow Paleo diet on a budget.

Eating Healthy Is Not Expensive

Paleo BudgetAs we all know, human beings are naturally resistant to change and if the said change comes with an ‘unnecessary’ expense, then it’s a no-brainer — people will outright tell you to forget it.

But hey, I’ve been on the Paleo diet for years now and I’ll be the first to tell you that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Eating healthy and making smart food choices doesn’t need to cost you a fortune.  

So to help people who have the same qualms about Paleo diet, I thought of coming up with inexpensive food options you can consider that are equally healthy and all in line with the guidelines of Paleo eating.

Healthy, Inexpensive Paleo Food Choices

Buy Animal Organs

Animal organs are among the cheapest sources of meat that are packed with important nutrients. For one, liver is well-known as a nutrient powerhouse, and you can purchase it at significantly lower price compared to meat. Other organs that are sold cheap include kidneys, heart and marrow. With a great receipt, you can easily whip up a delectable dish that everyone can enjoy.

Edit Your Life

It’s funny but you’ll be surprised at how many people complain about the expense of having to purchase grass-fed beef and reject Paleo diet as being way beyond their budget – all the while driving a fancy sports car and live in high-end condos. Get your priorities straightened out and don’t cut corners when it comes to your health. It’s an investment that you should not scrimp on.

Purchase Half A Cow

This one seems elaborate but you will be surprised as to how much money you will be able to save by buying your meat in bulk. If you have a large freezer, then this option is perfect. If not, you can consider buying smaller animal meat like bison or lamb and have them cut up. By stocking up on grass-fed meat, then you can enjoy exploring different Paleo recipes and coming up with new ones of your own.

Thrift Cuts

Learn the art of cooking animal meat parts that are tougher such as the trotters, shoulders, shanks, hocks and oxtail. If you have a slow cooker or crock pot, you can allow these cuts to simmer for several hours, which means it’s a no-fuss cooking but the taste is definitely worth the wait and extra effort.

Keep Your Cupboard Well-Stocked

If you love cooking dishes from scratch then you should consider on stocking up of ingredients that make cooking an easier and faster process, all homemade and prepared by you. This includes Paleo dressings, mayonnaise, stock and other condiments that you need to prepare ahead of time. By having everything on hand, smart eating doesn’t have to be a great inconvenience on your part.

Keep It Simple

Stick to the basics and build your meals with an animal meat as your protein source along with a simple pile of vegetables and animal fat. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be a complicated affair.

Plan Ahead

I have personally just discovered the benefits of planning meals ahead, as I initially thought this is a tedious thing to do. As it turns out, meal planning is a great way to cut down the stress and the time required to prepare dishes. No need to sit and wrack your brain of going over things you can eat and not to eat. This will only highlight the restrictions of the Paleo diet, which can make you end up frustrated. Plan your meals, complete with compiled recipes at least a week ahead. You will immediately notice how extremely easy it is to incorporate it with your current schedule.

Grow Your Own Food

Now, I do understand the fact that not everyone can enjoy this luxury, but if you do have the space to grow a vegetable patch, by all means do so. If you don’t, consider growing potted plants and herbs that can provide you fresh, non-toxic ingredients anytime.

Buy Lots of Eggs

Compared to meat sources, eggs are significantly cheaper. There are a number of ways you can cook eggs that do not require more than several minutes. Unless you have allergies, eggs still remain to be a popular favorite among many throughout the years.

Buy In-Season Veggies

Vegetables don’t exactly come cheap these days. Just because you are on a Paleo diet, it doesn’t mean that you have to bust your budget stocking up on vegetables. You can consider buying them frozen, on sale and in season.

These are just a few suggestions that you can consider when transitioning and embracing the Paleo diet. To get you started, check out my Paleo breakfast recipes.


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