Paleo Diet Food Tips: Mastering The Art Of Resisting Temptation

Paleo Food TemptationIn the previous articles, I have discussed how you can transition to Paleo diet food with the least amount of fuss.

However, I know for a fact that despite the tips provided, if there is one thing that can prove to be a real challenge for Paleo eaters, it’s RESISTING TEMPTATION.

Picture this: You are hungry all day, and all you can think about is gorging on 2 slices of pizza.


When the hunger pangs set it, it can be difficult to assuage it with anything but the food that you have been craving for. Sometimes, after a grueling day, indulging in any sweet pastry can seem like an ultimate treat. Trust me, I have been there.

I, too have found myself re-evaluating my intentions and had a number of close calls. When you are hungry, tired, feeling deprived, it can be all too easy to throw caution in the air and simply take a bite.

So how did I manage to transition successfully to Paleo and resist non-Paleo food? Here are some tips to help you out:

Recognize Your Obstacles and PLAN

Recognize your weaknesses. By knowing what your obstacles are and planning ahead, you will be better equipped to stick to Paleo food diet. Among the major obstacles are TIME, TEMPTATION and COST.


In this fast-paced world, we all do not have the luxury of time. And as many already know, when it comes to transitioning to Paleo, more time is required. So what do you do about it? MAKE TIME, of course. Trust me, the rewards are well worth it.

Take time to plan your Paleo food diet meals for the following week. Here are some of suggestions that may help you:

  • Consider planning meals around fish during Mondays. If you have time to shop during weekends, you naturally will want to eat perishable items first.
  • Prepare enough for leftovers. When it comes to preparing Paleo diet food dishes, you don’t want to waste time preparing 3 meals in a day. You don’t really need to. Instead, consider cooking in large batches so you don’t have to constantly cook. This will also eliminate the temptation of ordering takeout, drive-throughs or pizza deliveries.
  • Stick to the basics. Just because you have found a number of great Paleo diet food recipes that you want to try, don’t be overzealous about it. This will only burn you out and set you up to succumbing to temptation. Instead, you can consider experimenting on a new meal once a week, then stick to the basic for the rest of the week.
  • Make slow cookers and crock post your new best friends.  If you want to save time yet want to enjoy healthy Paleo diet meals, then you can try a no-stress cooking method by simply putting in your veggies and meat into a crock pot.
  • Have some Paleo-friendly snacks ready. When hunger pangs strike, you want to be fully equipped to assuage it. Instead of munching a bag of nachos that’s readily available, you can keep your cupboard loaded with healthy snacks so you don’t easily fall off the wagon.


Paleo Transition TipsThe first few months of transitioning into Paleo diet food can be fraught with too many temptations. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to simply cave in. This is because, we are constantly bombarded by the influx of processed food items, sugar-laden drinks and treats and high glycemic carbs.

In the previous posts, I have discussed about embracing Paleo diet food in a non-Paleo world. So tell me, what are your most common excuses for fathering and giving into temptations? Are any of these familiar?

“I have been good all week. I deserve to indulge.”

“I am having a bad day, I need a beer.”

“I only get to celebrate Thanksgiving once a year, I should have a piece of that pie.”

“It’s my birthday! I need to eat some of my birthday cake.”

When you feel like caving in to temptation, think of improvising food. It is after all mind over matter. Instilling and practicing self discipline will actually do you good and benefit different areas in your life.

Here are some tips:

  • Get rid of anything that is non-Paleo. As I have said before, out of sight, out of mind. Don’t give yourself the convenience of indulging in temptation.
  • Be prepared. Keep your pantry and fridge well stocked with Paleo diet food items.
  • Plan ahead – ALWAYS. If you are planning to have dinner with friends, take time to find out where you will be dining and check if they have an online menu. Or you can always call ahead of time. This way, you will be in better control of the situation and not be easily swayed to indulge in foods that are in right for you.
  • Prepare your grocery list and stick to it. Instead of taking the time to check out every aisle in the grocery, it is generally best to stick to the outside sections where you have access to anything fresh.
  • Do not expose yourself to temptation. This may be easier said than done, but with conscious effort, you will be able to sidestep temptation easier if you know what’s up ahead and what you need to do to avoid temptation.


Now, this one is a rather touchy subject. Most people prefer to spend less, especially in view of the turbulent economy. I have also made a separate post discussing Paleo on a budget.  While a grass-fed beef may cost more than regular beef, a few extra dollars can be your investment for better health. Here are a few more tips to help you cut cost:

  • Purchase veggies that are in season. Tailor your Paleo diet food meal plans around vegetables that are in season.
  • Shop at Farmer’s Markets. Compared to Safeway and Whole foods, their prices are offered at considerably lower price.
  • Buy in bulk. Stock up on meat that you can simply store in your freezer. If you budget will allow, consider buying half of a cow or other animal meat.

So there you have it. I’m hoping with the tips provided here you will be better equipped to resist temptation and stick to your Paleo diet food. I will be the first one to admit that it has been a difficult journey for me, but trust me when I say, it actually gets better with time, especially if you are starting to see some major difference in your health and overall wellness.  


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