Transitioning Into Paleo Diet Food Made Easy

Paleo TransitionHi everyone! In the past articles, we have covered the basics on Paleo diet, Paleo diet recipes and the Paleo diet food list guide.

So now, I believe it’s a logical step that we focus on how you can transition into eating and enjoying Paleo diet food.


My Paleo Diet Food Transition

Easing into Paleo diet food was certainly not a walk in the park for me — mainly because, I have always enjoyed pasta dishes and pastries.  After two weeks into the diet, I found my resolve flagging and close to succumbing to abandoning the whole idea and simply go back to what’s familiar. Suffice it to say, the transition to Paleo diet food has been a serious struggle for me. But hey, look at me now. I can say, I am so happy I have successfully made the change and I have no plans of ever going back to eating processed food products, carbo-loaded dishes and pastries.

Given my experience, I thought it was important for me to somehow extend a helping hand to individuals, like you, who recognize the need for change, ready to commit to that change and simply need some support on how to transition properly. So with this article, I am hoping I will be able to provide you practical guidance on how you can transition into Paleo diet food with more ease.

Paleo Diet Food Transition Tips

Clean Your Pantry

Do you know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” Well, this one certainly applies to Paleo diet. Check out the Paleo diet food list guide so you have a fairly good idea what you need to chuck out and what you can keep. To help you resist temptation, don’t make restricted food items readily available to you.

Now, it can get a bit complicated if your family is not on board the Paleo diet food train. If this is the case, you can ask them to store their non-Paleo diet food in a separate place in the pantry. This way, you don’t have to constantly have easy access foods that are not recommended to you. This will make it easier for you to compartmentalize your mind.


We are fully aware that Paleo diet food has a set of what to eat and what not to eat, right? Taking this into consideration, you can come up with a meal plan or a diet program that will best suit your individual needs and personal preferences. If you want to lose weight, then your Paleo diet food plan should be geared towards weight loss. If not, you can start by identifying food and dishes that you can prepare that are included in recommended food items.

Now, if you loved pasta (note the past tense) you can look into Paleo diet food recipes that offer improvised pasta dishes such as cabbage and squash noodles, etc. Start with what you want and enjoy, and turn it into a Paleo dish so you won’t feel deprived.

Plan And Shop

Paleo Transition TipsIn my experience, the best way to stick to Paleo is through meal planning.  This will help you better transition as it somehow provides you with a safety net. A lot of people I know resort to fast food diet, takeouts and processed food items mainly due to convenience it provides more than anything else.

With a meal plan, you don’t have to constantly stress over what to prepare since you are guided with a pre-determined menu for the day.When making your weekly meal plan, make sure to take into account your activities for the week.

For example, if you have plans of coming home late, then you may want to prepare a large batch that you can just re-heat for dinner. You can also prepare condiments ahead of time to cut down the preparation time.

Cooking in batches makes a lot of sense especially for people who are always on the go. You can just simply cook large batches during weekends and store them in small containers in the freezer for a fuss-free cooking.

Cook And Enjoy

The goal here is to embrace Paleo diet all throughout a lifetime and not for a limited period of time.  So it is important that you really enjoy and have fun with preparing food. Go ahead and look up some new Paleo diet food recipes and concoct your own dishes. Experiment and make eating a more fun and healthier experience.



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