More Organic Living Tips On A Budget

organic gardenAs you all know, Paleo diet calls for eating organically grown produce.

While we all recognize the benefits of organic living, this does not discount the fact that choosing to do so can be expensive.


Admittedly, the additional expense of buying organic products is one of the main roadblocks that keep people off the Paleo diet or the reason why many fall off the fitness wagon.

But the truth is, organic living doesn’t have to be expensive and prohibitive. That is, if you know better than to buy from Whole Foods and Wal-Mart and stretch your budget to its breaking point.

This article is the continuation of Paleo Diet Guide: Organic Food On A Budget. If you feel you need more tips to ease into Paleo diet and eating organic produce without breaking the bank, here are some additional helpful tips based on my personal experience:

Start From Scratch

If you will notice, there are so many pre-packaged products available on the market today that are labelled ‘organic’ – all with a hefty price tag. This includes juice, sauces and everything else in between.

So while it may mean extra work for you, consider preparing your condiments and sauces as well as other ingredients for your Paleo diet recipes from scratch and make them in large batches. Spend a day or two once a month to prepare all these and store them accordingly. Not only will this help you cut down your expenses, it will also make it easier to stick to your Paleo diet with the convenience it brings.

Grow An Organic Vegetable Patch

Why not? Surely this makes total sense, right? If you have a small patch of land that you can convert into a garden, by all means, go for it. You will not believe how this decision can significantly reduce your grocery bills! From experience, it also brings an enormous sense of fulfilment plucking fresh produce that are ripened to perfection straight from your own backyard. Ahh, literally – the fruits of your labor!

Deep Freeze

I have recently discovered the great wonders of deep freezing and believe me, this is a must for Paleo diet lovers. By choosing to invest in a deep freezer, you can make casseroles and homemade Paleo diet dishes in large batches so you can easily access to frozen, easy to access meals anytime of the week. There are also certain vegetables and fruits that you can deep freeze, which is just perfect in preparation for the winter season when there are very little local produce available.

So there you have it! Hopefully, the tips I provided give you more reasons to embrace the Paleo diet and organic living. It’s true that a healthy diet is an important investment, but you don’t have to pay extra for it. J

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