Party-Proof Your Paleo Diet This Holiday Season

Tis The Season! All The More Reasons To Stick To The Paleo Diet

Paleo Survival Tips On Eating Smart This HolidayAccording to statistics, an average person typically gains approximately 5 to 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year. Sounds disheartening?

Well, this figure does not necessary seal your fate, right? After all, you have full control on what you eat. And knowing the basics of the Paleo diet, you know better what to avoid.

However, whether you are new to Paleo diet or not, the upcoming holidays almost always present a challenge for many. In my previous article, I have talked about how to add a Paleo diet twist to your dishes. Today, you will learn more effective ways to mentally fortify yourself NOT to succumb to temptations. This is especially important if you want to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain.

Limit Your Choices

It is no secret that people generally end up consuming higher amounts of calories when a larger variety of food is served. Cookies and pastries have been a staple during the holidays. While you don’t have a control over the food offered when attending parties, you can make smarter food choices and stick to your Paleo diet.

The best way to go about it is to simply choose a single food item from each category – one each for appetizer, dessert, main course, and beverage, etc. Pay careful attention to the ingredients used for each food and keep your wits about.

Consume Water-Heavy Foods

According to health experts, the human brain is programmed to detect the amount of food consumed by its weight inside the stomach. If you are keen on cutting down your calorie intake, stick to water-heavy fruits such as watermelons and apples, which are more satisfying. You can choose to eat first these fruits before you proceed to your main course.

Think Small

With food supply excessively ample all throughout the holidays, you want to steer clear from the eat-all-you-can mentality. To help you, it is best to start with a small plate and choose smaller servings in order to avoid excess calories. To avoid feeling overly deprived, you can choose to grab a bit of small Paleo-friendly dishes you can find or you can get a sample of everything.

 Be Always On The Move

Holidays almost always filled with frenetic energy, with everyone rushing about. Try to consciously pick up the pace and make use of your grocery shopping and decorating tasks as a simple workout routine. Keep in mind that part of staying healthy is exercise, aside from eating right.

Pay Attention To Party Drinks

In my previous article on the definitive guide on Paleo beverages, alcohol is not strictly prohibited. However, everything should always be in moderation. Pay extra careful attention especially if you are trying to lose weight since there are many signature drinks that are loaded with more calories than a meal.

As you can see, holidays don’t have to be an excuse to stray from the Paleo diet path. It all starts with adapting the right mentality and practicing the skill of making smart, informed food choices. With these tips, you can look forward to greeting another year with a healthier, fitter and better version of you!


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