A Definitive Guide On Paleo Diet Beverages

So tell me, how have you been doing with your Paleo diet journey? Are you starting to reap the benefits of sticking to a healthier diet?

Drink Or Think Again

Water As A Paleo BeverageNow, we are all quite familiar with the Paleo food list, right? We all know that we need to cut down on legumes, dairy, processed foot and grains. But what about beverages?

While a lot of guidelines and talks have been published on what to eat and what to avoid, no comprehensive information has been made on beverages – which is most definitely an important component of the Paleo diet.

So in this article, let us all explore the different options and find out which ones should be included in your Paleo diet meals and which ones to ditch for good.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Water

In the Paleo diet world, water is king. Nothing can quite satiate thirst like water, so make sure that you drink up adequate amounts every day. Be sure to choose pure, filtered ones that are free from toxic chemicals. As much as possible, avoid drinking directly from the faucet since tap water is known to contain thyroid-compromising chlorine.

The great thing about water is that you don’t have to worry about hidden sugars, toxic dyes, artificial flavorings, fake vitamins or any other additives that can pose health risks.

What About Fruit Juices?

Fruit Juices Are Not PaleoA lot of people seem to think that just because a beverage contains the word ‘fruit’, it is a healthy option. All too often, the commercial fruit juices are highly sweetened with extra sugar and flavorings, which can potentially trigger high glycemic responses. Moreover, fruit juices do not contain fiber that you can naturally derive from freshly made homemade fruit juice. Plus, do not forget the fact that it is not fresh – no matter what the labels may claim.

Commercial fruit juices undergo pasteurization in order to eliminate potential bacteria. Subjecting the juice to heat effectively kills off the healthy enzymes and other known nutrients that are contained in vegetables and fruits.

However, if you really want to drink fruit juices, consider diluting the mixture with water following the ratio 4:1 for water to juice.

Caffeinated Drinks

A lot of people live on coffee. The question is can you use it to complement some of your Paleo diet breakfast ideas? Before we get to the answer to this question, I would like to first discuss about the compulsive urge to drink, what people refer to as liquid gold.

Coffee, more often than not is a by-product of people who are unconsciously dealing with unstable blood sugar. The reason why you may feel the need to drink coffee is because you feel your body is running low on energy and you need that caffeine boost to get you going. Unfortunately, a lot of people have grown to rely on caffeinated drinks such as decaf coffee, tea and soda. If you are a certified coffee addict, seriously consider trying to give your adrenal glands and hormones a rest for at least several weeks and see how it feels. The goal here is to try to balance out your blood sugar by cutting down sugary and caffeinated drinks and high-carbohydrate foods.

Tips On How To Curb Caffeine Addiction

  • Give your body adequate time to sleep, rest and relax so you don’t constantly feel the need to drink coffee to deal with fatigue or stress.
  • Enjoy the wake up routine in a leisurely manner by taking time to appreciate the fresh air. Walk around and drink room temperature water with a twist of lemon first instead of preparing a cup of coffee.
  • Say no to sodas, other carbonated drinks and sugar beverages.
  • When an inner voice demands coffee, try to break the habit of immediately responding to it.
  • When feeling tired or you need a boost, instead of ordering coffee, stretch your body to relieve tense muscles.
  • Seek to enjoy natural highs through different forms of relaxation that you truly find joy in.

Sodas, Sports Drinks, Sweet Teas, Etc.

Whether you are on a Paleo diet or not, you are probably fully aware that sugary drinks are some of the biggest no-nos. Aside from the exceptionally high sugar content, commercial drinks are typically infused with preservatives and artificial flavorings that are toxic to the body. You may probably claim, you need your sports drinks for your workout. But the truth is, you don’t, unless you are engaged in highly strenuous physical activity. If you feel you really need some electrolytes, a squeeze of lemon into your water will suffice.

Diet Drinks

It will not be surprising to know that these drinks are not included in the Paleo diet. Most, if not all of these products are laden with toxic and synthetic substances including artificial sweeteners like Splenda and aspartame.

The synthetic chemicals contained in these drinks are known as carcinogens (cancer causing) or are neurotoxins (bad for the brain). In fact, the use of aspartame has been associated with cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, migraines and of course, obesity.

Herbal Teas

If you enjoy herbal teas such as nettle, chamomile, ginger and peppermint, then you will probably happy to know that you can still continue to enjoy them with your Paleo diet – in moderation, of course.


Now this one is a no-brainer. We all know milk is included in the dairy list, which makes it a beverage you will need to avoid when on the Paleo diet. Now only is cow’s milk not intended for humans, commercial milk products today have been known to be insulin spiking, acne provoking and cancer causing. A good alternative is coconut milk and almond milk, which you can indulge in occasionally.


Majority of the Paleo diet gurus have agreed that an occasional alcoholic drink or two can be accommodated. The operative word here is occasional. Excessive drinking can throw cholesterol levels off kilter and can damage the liver.

Learn to listen to your body. If you have a current beverage addiction, try to eliminate it for at least a week and observe how your body reacts and feels.





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