“Paleo Diet Snacks” – What You Must Understand

Choosing Healthy Paleo Diet SnacksLike many others, the first thing that you probably thought about when you made the decision to shift to Paleo diet is all the favorite food that you will need to invariably give up.

The restrictions include what would easily be labeled as “comfort food” for modern people such as chips, donut, pastries, baked goodies, cake, popcorn…the list goes on.


For one, giving up potatoes will mean bidding farewell to fries, crunchy chips and potato skins – the very things that have become much loved go-to snacks for many people. No doubt about it, choosing Paleo diet snacks can be quite tricky and can become a major pitfall.

Recommended Paleo Diet Snacks

So before you head down to the aisle of unhealthy food products or reach for that bag of chips, here are some of the highly recommended Paleo diet snack ideas that you may want to consider as a healthy substitute:

  • Fresh berries, such as strawberries, blueberries and cherries
  • Nuts, such as almonds, pecans, cashews
  • Eggs, among the great favorites for snacking include deviled eggs and hard boiled eggs
  • Fresh fruits – any type of fruit
  • Veggie sticks provides you that healthy crunch
  • Kale chips that are baked and served fresh are popular as Paleo diet snacks
  • Homemade pork rinds – enough said
  • Grass-fed beef jerky
  • One half of an avocado
  • Canned tuna/sardines
  • Coconut meat products

Of course, you should not confine your choices to the ones mentioned above. There are hundreds of healthy recipes available online that can easily be recognized as ideal Paleo diet snack ideas. As long as you fully aware of the complete Paleo diet food list guide, then you should be perfectly fine experimenting every now and then.

Paleo Snacking Guidelines

While it is true that the Paleo diet does not require counting of calories, moderation is still the key. Here are some suggestions on how you can safely incorporate Paleo diet snacks into your regimen without suffering the risk of overindulging:

Shop Smart

Healthy eating starts with making smart food choices. Don’t choose products just because they are labeled “pure” or “all natural”. For instance sodas and juice drinks can be labeled as such but is loaded with extremely high sugar content.

Careful With Granola Bars

A lot of people have this notion that all types of granola bars are healthy snack options. If you do need to munch one, make sure it does not contain grains or any other ingredients that are not Paleo. Better yet, consider making your own granola bar in batches as your go to Paleo diet snacks.

Preparation Is Key

Hunger pangs can strike anytime so make sure you are always stocked up on Paleo diet snacks. Prepare everything in advance. Consider making your own trail mix or granola bar so you have full control on what goes into your snacks.

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

Always have your Paleo diet snacks available wherever you are – while traveling, in the office, at home or even in your car. This will help you resist caving in to unhealthy temptations.




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