Mind Diet To Support And Sustain Your Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

Discover How To Go On A Mind Diet For A Successful Paleo Diet

Mind Diet For Weight LossHere’s a fact: A lot of people struggle with Paleo diet, not because their lack the discipline or the motivation to stick to it.

Although those factor also come into play, many fall out of the health bus due to lack of focus and vision.Wherever you are in your Paleo diet journey, whether you are planning to start, on the transition phase or running full speed ahead, learn how a mind diet can help you lose that ugly fat in between your ears.

In the past, I have written about Transitioning Into Paleo and while I feel that I have covered the fundamentals, I want to stress more on the importance of committing mentally to this way of living.

Because whether you acknowledge it or not, Paleo diet is not just an ordinary diet or a passing trend, it is a lifestyle of choice.

In my own personal Paleo diet journey, while I have successfully lost 30+ pounds and most of my body fat, I realize that most of the success I earned and the fitness and health goals I have achieved were largely made possible by that mental shift. If you are trying to shed off extra pounds or work on your physical form, I suggest that you pay careful attention to the concepts presented in this article. By changing the way you think, you gain the freedom all those limiting beliefs and habits and get the body that you deserve.

What Is Limiting You?

How many times have you accepted and lived with the following beliefs?

  • I have always been fat. It’s something I have to live with.”
  • “It’s normal to gain weight as you age.”
  • “I just can’t do it! I don’t have the self-discipline.”
  • “My family is overweight, so…”
  • “It’s so hard. No matter what I do…”

Or maybe it’s not just what you say to yourself, but what others tell you that you have accepted as facts. What are the put-downs that you have heard which have not just hurt you but also limited and paralyzed you in so many ways? Remember when other people tell you that you just can’t do it or its simple not possible? Or you are this or you are that so you need to live with this neat box to conform to a certain identity. Did you unconsciously embrace all those negative talks and made it your own reality?

Just because someone told you that you are this or that, does not mean you need to identify yourself with their perception of you. A lot of the things that limit us in life are the negative beliefs and patterns that dictate what we can or cannot do. This does not only apply in your struggle to lose weight but in all aspects in life. Think about it.

Get The Body That You Deserve

Paleo diet is NOT the ultimate solution. Read that again. It is not the key to health and fitness. It is merely a vehicle to help you achieve and claim the body that you deserve. The solution lies within you, inside your head. This is why making a mental transition is critically important.

Take control of your thoughts and what information you expose yourself to. Just like you choose the right food to feed your body with, you also need to be fully aware of your thoughts and what you focus on. Instead of being complacent about your health, choose to take an active control. Focus on the positive and don’t allow other people to dictate your direction or paint your life for you.

With the slew of information and stress we have to deal with every day, our minds are constantly on a ‘sugar high’ if we allow it to be. Often, we simply react to situations or impulses without thinking this through and operate on an autopilot mode. Do your own thinking and take full responsibility of it. Wean yourself from all the noise and senseless chatter in your head and don’t allow other people to influence your own thoughts. Take full control.

So aside from screening your food and sticking to a healthy diet, complement it with a healthy dose of enlightening and inspirational information. Constantly stoke the fire that is within you and help yourself overcome your own obstacles. You want to have a creative mind and not merely operate and react on stimuli.

So I hope I am able to impart to you some important insights on how you can transition and sustain your Paleo diet. It all starts in the mind.




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  1. It sounds difficult, but once you do it, you’ll feel better than you thought you could.

    This reason is a strong support to defend the paleo diet criticsm too.
    Do you know how many calories and how much fat, cholesterol,
    sodium and sugar is in the meals you prepare.

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